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Liuzhou liuerkong Machinery Co., Ltd. is the holding subsidiary of Liuzhou second air compressor Co., Ltd. (the former Liuzhou second air compressor General Factory). Founded in 1950, it is a key backbone enterprise designated by the former Ministry ...

Liu erkong


1. Crown Certification

2. second-level enterprise certificate

3. Quality management system certification

4. One of the 500 Large-scale Machinery Industry Enterprises in China

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Liuzhou Liuerkong Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Address: No. 39, Longtan Road, Liuzhou City, GuangxiSales

Hotline: 0772-3837342

Hotline: 189 7802 2783

              137 0780 3109

              136 0782 9817


Service Hotline: 0772-3837343
Fax: 0772-3831513



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