The working principle of nitrogen and hydrogen compressor


Nitrogen-hydrogen compressor is a compressor that compresses mixed media, mainly piston reciprocating type.

It is mainly composed of fuselage, crankshaft, connecting rod, crosshead, piston, cylinder, valve and other parts.

The nitrogen-hydrogen compressor has two modes: motor-driven and gas-turbine-driven.

The motor drive method needs to configure the corresponding transmission, distribution and substation systems.

The power supply requirement of the motor is a primary load, which is greatly restricted by the power grid.

Generally, it is selected in areas with high requirements for environmental protection, reliable power supply from external power grids, cheaper electricity prices and sufficient power supply.

After the motor is started, the crankshaft is driven to rotate. Through the transmission of the connecting rod, the piston reciprocates, and the inner wall of the cylinder,

The working volume formed by the cylinder head and the top surface of the piston changes periodically.
When the piston starts to move from the cylinder head, the working volume in the cylinder gradually increases,

At this time, the gas pushes open the intake valve along the intake pipe and enters the cylinder until the working volume reaches the maximum, and the intake valve closes;
When the piston moves in the opposite direction, the working volume in the cylinder is reduced and the gas pressure is increased.

When the pressure in the cylinder reaches and is slightly higher than the exhaust pressure, the exhaust valve opens,

The gas is exhausted from the cylinder until the piston moves to the limit position,
The exhaust valve is closed. When the piston moves in the opposite direction again, the above process repeats.

In short, the crankshaft rotates once, the piston reciprocates once, and the process of intake, compression and exhaust in the cylinder is successively realized, that is, a working cycle is completed.

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