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EK series air filter


EK series air filter

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EK series air filter

EK series air filter

 Product name: EK series air filter
The products of this series have the following characteristics:     
1、The EK series filter adopts the original filter element imported from the United States, which has strong pollutant removal ability, provides high-quality compressed air, and the pressure is reduced. The filter element adopts different identification colors, easy to identify the model.     
2、The EK series filter shell is electrostatically sprayed with epoxy resin powder, which has a bright surface and strong corrosion resistance.     
 3、EK series filter has two options of internal and external automatic drainage.     
 4、Two types of double-sided instrument panels can be provided, such as differential pressure or differential pressure gauge, to indicate the best time for the customer to replace the filter element in order to improve the efficiency of the filter.



EK series air filter



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